Smart Type Gas Detector Head

GD-84D-EX series



・Consolidation of four detectors into one, resulting in a cost reduction of up to a quarter.
・High performance pump
・Smart self-diagnosis function
・Ethernet (PoE) compatible
【4-20mA spec.】GD-84D-EX-EC, GD-84D-EX
【ET spec.】GD-84D-EX-ET-EC, GD-84D-EX-ET
【EA spec.】GD-84D-EX-EA-EC, GD-84D-EX-EA




Sampling method

Suction type

Principle of detection

New Ceramic catalytic Method, Semi-Conductor Method, Hot Wire Type Semi-Conductor Method, Potentiostatic Electrolysis Method

Type of alarm

Gas alarm / fault alarm

Explosion protected construction

Non-explosion protection

CE marking


Power source

24 VDC±10 % [4-20mA spec.]
24 VDC±10 % or PoE + connect [EA spec.]
PoE + connect [ET spec.]


Approx. 150(W)×190(H)×146(D) mm [4-20mA spec. ,EA spec.] (excluding projections)
Approx. 150(W)×183(H)×140(D) mm [ET spec.] (excluding projections)


Approx. 1.9 kg [4-20mA spec. ,EA spec.]
Approx. 1.4 kg [ET spec.]

Operating temperature range

-10 to +40 ℃ (no sudden changes)

Operating humidity range

20 to 90 %RH (no condensation, may depend on the sensors installed.)

Target gas
Nitrogen Dioxide, Disilane, Phosphine, Silane, Sulfur dioxide, Nitrogen Monoxide, Hydrogen Bromide, Hydrogen Chloride, Diethylamine, Dimethylamine, Ethylenediamine, Ammonia, Fluorine, Hydrogen Fluoride, Ozone, Chlorine, Chlorine Trifluoride, Acetone, Acetylene, Ethane, Ethanol, Ethylene, Hydrogen, Isobutane, Isopropyl Alcohol, Methane, Methanol, N,N-Dimethylacetamide, n-Hexane, n-Octane, Propane, Propylene, Toluene, Ethylene oxide, Difluoromethane, Carbon Monoxide, Hexafluoro-1,3-butadiene, Monofluoromethane, trans-1,2-Dichloroethylene, Deuterium, 1,3-Butadiene, Isobutene, Vinyl chloride, Oxygen, Carbon disulfide, Carbonyl sulfide, Hydrogen Sulfide