Town gas sites

Town gas is a combustible gas and poses the risk of accidents if leaks occur. Describes the process from LNG raw material receiving to gas consumer, with illustrations of the various gas detectors and calorimeters used.

Overview of town gas processes

LNG tank, vaporizer, heat regulator

Natural gas is stored in LNG tanks by cooling to the ultra-low-temperature of -162 °C to liquefy into LNG (liquefied natural gas).
The vaporizer is a plant that returns the LNG to natural gas.


Take precautions to prevent natural gas leaks. It is essential to detect minute leaks in the early stages. When LNG leaks, it vaporizes and expands in volume approximately 600-fold.

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RIKEN opto-sonic calculation type calorimeter

Explosion-proof Calorimeter

Model: OHC-800

Fixed combustible gas detector heads

Flame-proof Gas Detector

Model: SD-3


Facility inspections and maintenance work

Leakage inspections using boring

Gas engineering work

Interior pipe engineering work

Gas detectors are used in applications like these...

Fixed gas detectors are recommended for the following applications:

Portable gas detectors are recommended for the following applications: