Gas measurement for high boiling point solvent drying equipment

Explosion-proof Furnace Safety Monitor


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Product Features

Direct insertion type fixed gas detector with explosion-proof structure and robustness


Explosion-proof, direct-insertion type sensor, can withstand temperatures of up to 200°C

Furnace direct-insertion type sensor, accurately catches concentrations in the central part of the exhaust duct.
Enables detection of true values inside furnaces which cannot be measured by sampling, such as for high boiling-point solvents. (Operating temperature range: 0–200℃)​

SD-2600 series Dust direct insert type(in the duct)

Easy for maintenance with the indicator and the detector combined structure.

Smart type design with the main body (detector) and display section
(indicator) combined. No need for a seperated indicator unit.


Various functions meet the customers' needs

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Self-diagnosis function

Gas concentration and configurable alarm contact output available. Self-diagnosis function is also available so that it can be used for kiln control without anxiety.

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Simple operation

Simple operation! Only use a magnetic key to touch the panel.

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Easy installation

Flange-type installation makes it easy to consider installing. Sensor is installed by modifying existing furnaces, eliminating the need for built-in sensors. Actual installation is also very easy.


Combustible Gas Monitoring Comparison

Company RIKEN KEIKI Company A Company B Company C
Insertion depth 250mm 250mm Not Available 250mm
Operating temperature(Sensor) 0℃ ~ +200℃ -20℃ ~ +80℃ -40℃ ~ +150℃ 0℃ ~ +160℃
ATEX / IECEx / UL Acquired Acquired Acquired Not Available
  • Insertion depth
    Company A
    Company B
    Not Available
    Company C
  • Operating temperature (Sensor)
    0℃ ~ +200℃
    Company A
    -20℃ ~ +80℃
    Company B
    -40℃ ~ +150℃
    Company C
    0℃ ~ +160℃
  • ATEX / IECEx/ UL
    Company A
    Company B
    Company C
    Not Available

Customer Feedback

Many customers use Riken Keiki's gas detectors
due to our safety, and high-level product
development capabilities.

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    Also usable in high-temperature environments. Used as a dedicated DMF detector due to its ability to detect high boiling point solvents.

    By using the SD-2600, we can now perform measurements under high temperatures. At a polyimide film manufacturing site, a high boiling point solvent known as DMF is used, and as the space inside the furnace reaches high temperatures during the manufacturing process, DMF vaporizes. Since detecting vaporized DMF requires a gas detector that can be used even under high temperatures, the SD-2600 could truly be described as a dedicated DMF gas detector. By using the SD-2600, we can now work on site with peace of mind.

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    Lower maintenance costs

    Gas detectors need to undergo regular maintenance. Since upkeep of the SD-2600 does not take a lot of effort, we have been able to reduce maintenance costs As the SD-2600 itself is easy to maintain and also contains few consumable parts that need to be replaced, it has ultimately led to reduced maintenance costs.

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    Easy to install due to flange-type installation

    As the SD-2600 involves flange-type installation, it is ease to install on-site. Some fixed gas detectors require costly and time-consuming installation work depending on the location. On that point, when installing the SD-2600, we managed to save on both time and cost thanks to the flange-type installation.


Detection method
Duct insertion, Direct insertion type in furnace
Principle of detection
Catalytic Combustion Method
Detection range
0 to 100%LEL
Type of alarm
Gas alarm / fault alarm
Explosion proof type
Flameproof enclosures
Explosion-proof class
IECEx : Ex db IIC T2 Gb ATEX : II2G Ex db IIC T2 Gb
Japan Ex, ATEX, IECEx, UL
CE marking
Power supply
24 VDC±10 %
Main body : Approx. 148 (W) x 167 (H) x 458 (D) mm
Insert part : Approx. φ34 x 250 mm
Approx. 4.6 kg
Operating temperature range
Insert part: 0 to 200 ℃ (no sudden changes)
Main body: 0 to 50 ℃ (no sudden changes)
Target gas
2,4-pent, 2-EHM, Benz-ol, C10H16, C10H18, C10H22, C11H24, C12H24O3, C12H26, C14H30, C2H2, C2H4, C2H4O2, C2H5OH, C2H6O2, C2H7NO, C2H8N2, C3H3N, C3H6O, C3H6O2, C3H6O3, C3H8, C3H8O, C3H8O2, C4H10O2, C4H10O3, C4H12N2, C5H4O2, C5H6O2, C5H8, C5H8O, C6H10O, C6H10O3, C6H12, C6H12O2, C6H12O3, C6H14O2, C6H14O3, C6H5OH, C7H14O, C7H16O3, C7H8, C8H10, C8H16, C8H16O2, C8H8, C9H12, C9H14O, C9H18O, CH3OH, CO, Cumene, DBuE, DEGEE, DMAC, DMEA, DMF, DMI, DOP, EGDME, EtAc, H2, i-C4H10, i-C7H16, iC12H26, IPA, iPenOAc, KEROSEN, LAE, MAA, MEK, MeOAc, MIBK, MMA, n-BMA, n-BuOH, n-C4H10, n-C5H12, n-C6H14, n-C7H16, NAPHTHA, NMP, OCTYLAc, PC, PGLY, PGMMEAc, TBA, THF
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  • SD-2600 left
  • SD-2600 slant
  • SD-2600 top
  • SD-2600 bottom

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About us

Since our company was founded in 1939 under the umbrella conglomerate of RIKEN, our management philosophy has been to
create safe working environments. Our science and technology
research laboratories have developed industrial gas detection
warning devices, specializing in monitoring harmful gases in the
work environment, as well as for explosion prevention from
combustible gases. Without compromise, we continue to challenge ourselves to be technological leaders, developing and
manufacturing a wide range of industrial gas detection systems
and monitors. From large-scale gas detecting alarm systems to
small-sized personal gas monitors for safety protection; used in
many industries including semiconductor and LCD plants,
petroleum complexes, steelworks, various tankers, oil storage
stations, underground gas facilities, and volcanoes.


Experts in gas detection for over 80 years

The “RIKEN Gas Detector” utilizing the principle of light wave interference, was exhibited at the 1937 Paris World Exposition. Its subsequent use greatly contributed to the prevention of accidents in coal mines where many fatalities were prevalent at the time. On the 15th March 2019 we celebrated our 80th anniversary. Supported by our history and tradition we shall further improve long established technology, and continue to innovative. Developing reliable quality products in response to the diverse needs of industry.